Perfection in Aluminium Die – casting

Post 1963, we have felt at home in the world of pressure die-casting. Utilising tin as the base material, we have followed the technological development of and focused our activities on, the material of the future, aluminium.

The management guarantees a stable business policy and will set its guidelines to be in consistent alignment with the activities and demands of our customers.

Qualified and motivated staff, who are competent in development, production and who work with team spirit and flexibility, are available to assist our clients in realising their visions.


Variety, opportunity and challenge.

The flexibility of aluminium, in respect of construction and creativity, is compatable to our knowledge and understanding of the technology of casting.

Because the reduction in weight of auto components has a direct relationship to fuel consumption, there is a high demand  for the use of aluminium, the excellent properties of which allow almost endless design options in respect of shape, size and weight, within the automobile manufacturing and transport industries, particularly in respect of the manufacture of engine and transmission components.

Within the machine and plant-manufacturing sector, we strive to realise and offer practical solutions to the complex and varied requirements of our clients. In the field of electronic and electrical engineering, we developed light but strong components, which offered protection, safety, were air/gas tight and acted as a shield against and a disperser of heat.


The technology of aluminium die-casting.

Casting is the shortest route from the raw material to the finished product and produces perfection in every detail.

A wide range of aluminium alloys with specific mechanical, physical and technical characteristics, enables the production of functional elements through pressure moulding.

Aluminium die-casting technology combines precision and efficiency, whilst high dimensional accuracy, thin walled castings and tight tolerances, indicate detailed precision.

Uniformity and high speed production, characterises pressure casting as the most economical form of casting technology, in respect of mass production of small and medium sized products.