Aluminium die-casting in the electronics industry.

In almost all areas of the electronics industry, aluminium material is utilised. The variety in manufacturing methods, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and low weight, offer significant advantages.


Front- and rear housing for control unit.


Request & Challenge:   Filigree module, plug connectors fit without post-processing, highest
 standards of optical surface, temperature-resistant special painting,  flatness  0.2., generating variants during stamping  process
Weight:   Front 0.5 kg,
Rear 1.2 kg
  230 D


Cover for electronic control system for Xenon light


Request & Challenge:   38 m/N metres surface tension, flatness 0.1 at cast part,  composites of aluminium casting, molded silicon gasket, plugs and electronic components
  0.1 kg
Alloy:   230 D


Modular housing for control electronics


Request & Challenge:   Flatness 0.1, all fitting and connection dimensions cast to final measure without post-processing, highest  standard of cleanliness, ready for installation of electronic components, different variants of sockets. Membrane carrier in cover already cast
Weight:   0.5 kg
  239 D