Multi-component housing for compressor technology


Request & challenge:   Pressure and vibration-resistant, highest claims of dimensional tolerances and surface without post-processing, maximum part cleanliness, revited control valves, burst pressure 80 bar
Weight:   1.0 kg
Alloy:   231 D


Upper connecting part in the filter system for compressed air supply


Request & challenge:   Bayonet coupling between filter bowl and top part, pressure resistant to 16 bar, cathodic dip coating, surface ductile and vibration resistant, sealing areas ready cast without post-processing
Weight:   0.6 kg
Alloy:   239 D / Silafont 36


Housing for pump system


Request & challenge:   16 bar pressure tight, milled thread, flatness of sealing surface 0.1, partial coating, running wheel surface and valve seats ready cast without post-processing.
Weight:   0.2 kg
Alloy:   239 D