Surface Treatment

Barrel tumbling

The interaction between machines, grinding wheels, compounds and water, describes the process of barrel tumbling or barrel finishing. Due to the rotating movement of the vibrating container, grinding stones acting as abrasive bodies create a smooth and perfectly rounded surface on the castings. A total of two long trough plants and four round facilities manufactured by Rösler, are in constant use in our production department.


Shot blasting

With a centrifugal force of up to 120 milliseconds, the abrasive is directed to the relevant castings. For surface finishing, a spherical steel beam is used.  During this operation, a compression process of the cast surface takes place resulting in a uniform surface free of burrs. A continuous shot blasting machine, a tumblast machine and a satellite abrasive shot-blasting machine for partial blasting operations, are available for this production process.



We would gladly offer you different surface coatings, including:

  • powder coating
  • cathodic dip painting (CDP)
  • galvanisation
  • chromatizing
  • phosphating
  • hard coating
  • impregnating
  • ball polishing

all of which would be individually tailored, to meet the requirements of your products.