The aluminum die-casting technology.
Perfection in every detail.

Casting is the fastest process from the raw metal to the finished part.

A wide range of aluminum alloys with specific mechanical, physical and technical characteristics enable the production of pressure-molded functional elements.The aluminum die-casting technology combines precision and efficiency. High dimensional accuracy, thin-walled castings and tight tolerances stand for precision in detail.Uniformity in the series with high production speed is characterized the casting pressure by the most economical type of casting technology for mass production of small and medium sizes.

Our machinery includes 16 real-time controlled horizontal cold chamber die casting cells with clamping forces 220-900 t. Fully automated casting cells, equipped with spray and extraction robots, and an integrated deburring represent a cost-effective manufacturing. The casting process is further supported by using vacuum. All casting processes are documented to ensure a reproducible quality. An inspection of the raw material is continuously given with the help of a spectrograph. Our range of parts include weights from 20 to 5000 grams.

Aluminum alloys:

226 D = EN AC-Al Si9 Cu3 (Fe)
230 D = EN AC-Al Si12 (Fe)
231 D = EN AC-Al Si12 Cu1 (Fe)
239 D = EN AC-Al Si10 Mg (Fe)
Silafont 36 = Al Si9 Mg Mn