Schött Druckguß GmbH
Perfection in Aluminium-Pressure-Die-Casting.

First, let us speak about your work and not about us.

You have tasks assigned, ideas and you need partners who understand complex relationships, think across industrial borders, are objective orientated and have the capability to develop a product that is in demand on the market and which will ensure the future of your company.

The proportion that we can contribute.

Post 1963, we have felt at home in the world of pressure-die-casting. Utilising tin as the base material, we have followed the technological development of and focussed our activities on, the material of the future, aluminium. The Management guarantees a stable business policy and will set its  guidelines to be in consistent alignment with the activities and demands of our clients. Qualified and motivated staff, who are competent in development, production and who work with team spirit and flexibility, are available to assist our clients in realising their visions.


Expertise and a high level of quality is the warrant offered by an innovative corporation, to meet the growing requirements of the market. Schött-Druckguß GmbH operates from a location in Germany in its business with well-known companies in the automotive, electronic, lighting, heating, technological, mechanical, engineering and other sectors.


Development and construction are the basis for building optimised and economical production processes, therefore we offer a variety of methods in the manufacture of prototypes. During the planning phase, aluminium die-cast components are tested for feasibility by using CAD-systems and mould-filling analysis, which places us in a position to counteract technical and economical deficiencies, at an early stage.